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  • What is Herbatint?
    Herbatint is a permanent haircolour gel enriched with 8 organic herbal extracts. It does not contain ammonia, resorcinol, alcohol, parabens and perfume, and has a very low concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Its formula is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Herbatint gives hair a natural colour, guarantees a perfect coverage of grey hair since the first application and can lighten up to a maximum of 2 tones. Since 1970 Herbatint provides the most natural alternative to colour hair effectively while taking care of it. Today it is present in over 40 countries worldwide and is sold at health food stores Australia Wide.
  • Is Herbatint Tested on Animals?
    Herbatint is not tested on animals and is made in accordance with the highest international standards (GMP). Herbatint uses totally recyclable paper of controlled origin and is suitable for vegans because it does not include any animal element. Its packaging is completely recyclable and perfectly foldable, allowing multiple applications to prevent waste and limit the environmental impact.
  • Will Herbatint Effectively Cover my Grey Hair?
    All Herbatint colours cover grey hair starting from the first application. However with more than 30% of grey hair, if the colour you choose is a nuance of the series Golden, Copper, Mahogany, Ash or Flash Fashion, for a perfect colour result you should mix the chosen shade with the same tone number of the Natural series. For example, if you have 50% of grey hair and the colour you choose is 6D (dark golden blonde), we suggest you to mix the 6D with the same amount of 6N (dark blonde). Remember to use an amount of developer equal to the total amount of the two dyes. Colour and developer must always be mixed in equal parts (1:1).
  • What is the difference between Herbatint & Henna?
    Unlike henna, Herbatint permanent haircolour gel is easy to apply and has no smell. While Henna creates a sheath around the single hair so that it’s impossible to apply any other colours, Herbatint gently penetrates into the hair without damaging it, giving a natural and bright colour, and is compatible with other treatments such as highlights. Herbatint is available in 30 shades that can be mixed together, unlike henna that offers a limited choice of colours.
  • Is there a Helpline for Herbatint Customers?
    Yes! For colour advice to find the perfect shade before visiting in-store, call our colour advice line from Tuesday to Friday 10am - 4pm on 1800 060 491 (Melbourne time)
  • Is Herbatint a Safe Product?
    In 2011, Herbatint was named choice #1 for the safety and the efficacy of its formula, after a comparison with 18 permanent colouring brands on the market both in large distribution channels and in those of natural cosmetics.The recognition comes from "60 Million Consommateurs", a magazine published by a public and independent organization aimed at protecting the rights of consumers and highly recognized in France, whose mission is to inform and protect the rights of citizens by means of a totally independent and factual vision, conducting comparative studies on products and services of public interest. On the basis of the toxicological parameters taken into consideration, Herbatint stands out for the very low use of potentially harmful agents and irritants. The Herbatint colouring is also appreciated for the resulting natural and long-lasting colour.
  • How often should colour my hair?
    If using the Herbatint permanent colouring, you should colour your hair when the regrowth becomes visible, usually after 5 weeks.
  • How can I make my colour last longer?
    The regular use and combination of Herbatint Normalising Shampoo and Royal Cream after using the Herbatint permanent colouring guarantees that the colour will last longer and be intense. The products in the Haircare line have been specifically designed to gently cleanse, restore the natural balance of the hair after colouring and deeply nourish its fiber restoring the vitality, elasticity and shine that are typical of healthy hair.
  • Why should I use the Normalising Shampoo & The Royal Cream?
    The Normalising Shampoo gently cleanses the hair without altering the colour stability. Specifically formulated, this shampoo gently removes colouring residues without reducing colour intensity. The Royal Cream is a regenerating intensive treatment with abundant proteins from wheat germ oil, vitamin F and aloe vera extracts that act as anti-irritants and deeply nourish the hair. Restoring its natural balance, the Royal Cream makes the hair soft, shiny and healthy-looking. The Normalising Shampoo and the Royal Cream can be used regularly every time you wash your hair, making the colour last longer and giving long-term wellbeing to your hair.
  • What is Phenylenediamine or PPD? And why do people talk about it so much?
    PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) is currently an indispensable ingredient in permanent colouring since it allows to effectively cover GREY hair and, when used in combination with other colouring agents, it can offer a great variety of COLOURS. When a product of permanent colour does not use PPD, it has certainly replaced it with the Para-Toluenediamine (PTD), a substance that, like PPD, may cause allergic reactions. The Herbatint Gel mixtures has an average PPD concentration significantly below the permitted limit.
  • Does Herbatint contain Phenylenediamine (PPD)?
    Yes, like most colouring products on the market (see above for details) but, as mentioned, it contains a small proportion that on average is five times lower than the limit allowed by European regulations.
  • I have completed a Chemotherapy Treatment, can I colour my hair with Herbatint?
    In this case it is always advisable to ask your doctor, who can provide advice on your specific case. Many women use Herbatint a few months after having finished a chemotherapy cycle, because it is the most natural alternative to hair colouring and its effectiveness has been proven. In all cases we recommend that you perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before using the product (more instructions in the package).
  • I'm Pregnant and I fear that a Permanent Colour may be hazardous for my Child.
    In this case it is always advisable to ask your gynecologist, who can provide advice on your specific case. Many women have used Herbatint without problems during pregnancy. In all cases we recommend that you perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before using the product (more instructions in the package).
  • Can I apply Herbatint on Lashes & Eyebrows?
    Herbatint is not suitable to dye eyelashes or eyebrows, and it is not intended to use on beards and mustaches. We strongly advise against inappropriate use of the product. You can however use our Temporary Hair Touch-Up wands for facial hair such as beards and eyebrows.
  • In the past I have had Allergic Reactions to Permanent Colours with Ammonia, could I have the same reactions if I use Herbatint?
    If your past allergy was caused by the presence of ammonia, you can use Herbatint without any problem because its formula is ammonia free. Additionally, the Herbatint colouring is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and shows excellent skin compatibility. In all cases we recommend that you perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before using the product (more instructions in the package).


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