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How To Choose a Colour

Herbatint: inspired by nature, created to enhance natural beauty, formulated to take care of your hair and make it healthy. Choose your colour in 3 easy steps.

SELECT YOUR NATURAL SHADE Using the Natural Herbatint shade scale, ranging from 1N (Black) to 10N (Platinum Blonde), find the number matching your natural shade. Remember that you must consider the colour of your hair at the regrowth, not at the lengths. This will allow you to determine your initial shade.

DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO LIGHTEN IT, KEEP IT NATURAL OR DARKEN YOUR HAIR Would you like your hair to be lighter, darker or would you prefer to keep your natural shade and only revive your colour? Thanks to its gentle formula that respects the hair structure, Herbatint allows you to lighten your natural colour up to 2 tones. So, for example, if your natural tone is 6 (dark blonde) and you want:

  • To keep the same shade, use a tone 6

  • To lighten your hair by 1 tone, use a tone 7

  • To darken your hair by 1 tone, use a tone 5.

If you hesitate between two colours, you should always start with a lighter shade. It is easy to darken the hair, but once the colour has penetrated, is not simple to lighten it again.

Also, if your hair is more porous due to previous dyeing or permanent or has simply been dried by the sun, it will tend to absorb more colour and appear darker.

CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR Herbatint offers you a colour range of 30 shades among which you can choose your perfect colour, go to the Configurator to find the right one for you. Also remember that with Herbatint you can create and customize it by combining different nuances. Read our tips on How to mix two or more tones.


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